Registration of a resident subscription

The resident subscription gives the right to preferential parking in a certain parking area located in the immediate vicinity of the place of registration and residence of the resident, on working days from 08.00 to 20.00.

 resident subscription is issued for vehicles owned by individual owners (spouses, relatives of the mother and father of the owner of the apartment) who have housing in the immediate vicinity of the parking zone. Parking zones and their respective addresses are listed here.

A resident subscription is provided for a period of 6 months. After this period, in order to update the data, you need to re-submit the application for a Resident subscription and copies of the necessary documents.

The cost of a resident subscription for a period of 6 months is 9 000 (nine thousand) tenges.

To issue a resident subscription, you must complete the following steps:

1. Register on the E-government portal with indication of your mobile number in your account.

2. Register on the website of Astana Parking space LLP

3. Indicate the state number of the vehicle in the profile of your personal account on the website

4. Download and fill out an application

5. Applying on the site 

6. After receiving your letter, the specialists of the Users support Department will check your address data on the E-government portal, using the online service «Service for obtaining information from third parties».

If you are registered on the E-government portal, you will be sent a message to your personal account on the E-government portal to approve (refuse) the request, as well as 2 sms messages in the state and russian languages with a request to confirm receipt of the electronic certificate. You need to agree on a request for help within 2 hours of receiving the request. After 2 hours, your response is considered invalid.

7. In case of successful verification of your data, the Resident subscription will be displayed in your personal account on the website in the section «Benefits/Subscriptions». In order to take effect, this resident subscription must be paid using «Pay» button. Your parking account must have sufficient funds to pay the subscription.