Payment via the website

The order of payment for the Parking via the personal account on the website 

Step 1: Register in the mobile application by filling in all fields in the registration form (e-mail, password, repeat the password, phone number, first name, last name).

The code for confirmation of registration shall be sent to the e-mail and phone number specified by you in the registration form.

Step 2: Confirm the registration first by the e - mail, then by the phone number.

Step 3: Log in to your account by entering your e-mail and password.

Step 4: Refill your Parking account by selecting the amount and method of payment in the appropriate section (by payment card via credit card or mobile phone account (for Kcell, Activ, Beeline subscribers).

Step 5: Select on the map on the main page the site of the Parking area (Parking lot), where your vehicle is placed.

Step 6: Select "Pay Parking".

The payment form indicates the number of the Parking area that you have selected on the map the y default.

Specify the state number of your vehicle and the duration of its placement in the paid Parking area.

When paying for the Parking, you must specify the number of hours after which you plan to leave the Parking space but not the number of hours that the car stays in the Parking lot at a paid time from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. If the Parking session "captures" free time from 08:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m., the amount to be paid shall be charged only for the placement of the vehicle at a paid time.

Step 7: Check the correctness of the payment parameters. Confirm the Parking payment.

WARNING! When paying for the Parking, please note that incorrect indication of the category and state number of the vehicle, as well as the payment for the Parking at a rate that does not correspond to the category of your vehicle shall be a violation of the rules for the use of paid Parking, providing for the imposition of an administrative fine of 3 MCI. 


The procedure for extending the Parking time paid via the personal account on the website

The users of the paid Parking area have the opportunity to extend the Parking only if the paid Parking time has not expired. At the end of the paid time the driver of the vehicle must leave the Parking space within 10 minutes or to avoid a fine once again to pay for Parking in any convenient way.

Step 1: In the section of your personal account "Parking" select "Extend"

Step 2: Specify the number of hours you need to extend the Parking.


The procedure of early extension of the Parking time paid via the personal account on the website

Step 1: In the "Parking" section of your personal account select "Stop".

IMPORTANT: In case of early Parking stop, the used time is rounded up to the next hour. Further, if there is an unused amount, the balance equal to the cost of at least 1 hour of the Parking is returned to the virtual Parking account of the client.