Payment via Homebank application

The commission fee for parking in Homebank is 0 tenge, permanent GO! Bonus is 1%.  Parking can be paid with bonuses.

Step 1: Log in to the Homebank mobile app or download it from AppStore/Google Play

Step 2: Authorise or register

Step 3. Open and then follow the section "Payments".

Step 4. Type Парковочное пространство Астаны in the search field.

Step 5. Enter the state car number, phone number, parking zone number, parking duration in minutes and press "Check".

Step 6. Check the data entered, parking time and amount payable. Select the account to be paid and click "Pay". Parking can be paid with bonuses.

Step 7. Click "Confirm" to confirm payment.

Step 8. Make sure that your payment is accepted

Here we go! You have successfully paid for the service you have chosen. You can see the payment information in your payment history

Add this payment to the Favourites so that you do not look for it next time.