Payment via terminals “Касса 24”

How to pay for a parking lot via terminals “Kassa 24”:

Important! The terminal only accepts prepayments. Payment for a parking lot should be made within the first 30 minutes of a parking session.

Step 1. Select the section: “Other payments”.

Step 2. Select the section: “Astana parking space”.

Step 3. Select the service: “Pay for parking”.

Step 4. On the menu, indicate:

number of the parking zone;

vehicle registration number;

expected parking time (in minutes);

phone number.

Step 5. Enter the data. To proceed to the next field, click “Continue”.

Step 6. Check whether the entered data is correct and click the “Continue” button.

Step 7. Insert money and click the “Pay” button.

Important! The terminal doesn't give change! You can spend the change to pay for any service available in the terminal.

Step 8. Be sure to wait for a message about successful payment.