In case of untimely payment for parking, payment can be made after its completion by using the post-payment function. The post-payment is available only in the mobile application «Парковки Астаны» and personal account

To make a post-payment, you must select «Парковки Астаны» in the application or in your personal account of the «Post-payment per day» function by specifying the actual time of placing the vehicle in the parking lot.

The post-payment function is available only until 23:59 of the current day on which a stop was made at a paid parking lot.

To use the post-payment function, you need to do the following:

1. Register on the website or, if you already have a registration, enter your personal account with your login and password.

2. Top up the parking account using one of the proposed methods: through the Kaspi, Kassa24, Senim applications - by selecting the option "Top up the parking account", or from a payment card in your personal account on the site

3. On the «Payment methods» tab, click on the «Post-payment» button.

4. In the form that opens, fill in the following fields:

•         parking area number;

•         state number of the vehicle (number, series, region).

•         start of parking session;

•         duration of the parking session (indicate the duration of parking in paid parking).


5. Click the "Pay Parking" button.