• Fines Paid parking lots operate according to the approved rules of the Astana City Akimat on a prepaid basis only. Payment for parking must be made within 30 minutes after placing the car in the parking space.

    Parking lot should be left not later than 10 minutes after the time paid expires..

    The owner of the vehicle may be penalized in the following cases:

    ·         for not paying for parking

    ·         underpayment

    ·          exceeding the paid time by more than 10 minutes

    ·         if payment is made later than 30 minutes after the placing the vehicle in the parking space

    ·          in case of violation of the rules for stopping or parking vehicles on the territory of paid parking

    ·         in case of non-compliance with the requirements prescribed by road markings on the territory of paid parking lots

    Violation of the rules of a stop or the parking of vehicles entails a fine in amount of 3 (three) monthly calculation indices (MCIs) (Article 597 of The Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Administrative Infractions”  paragraph  4-1 ).

    The facts of violations in the parking zones are transferred to the Department of Administrative Police of the Astana DP (Police Department), and further actions are already the responsibility of the Department of Administrative Police.

    In case of any disputes, police officers make the necessary corrections for the identification of the license plate during data reconcilation, and the system generates statistics and gives hints.

    You can check for administrative fines at

    You can pay fines in the following ways: application

    - application

    - application

    - on website

    - in cash settlement branches of second-tier banks

    When paying fines by the above methods, the mark on the payment of the fine is automatically fed into the database and citizens do not need to provide a receipt to the police.

    In accordance with Article 893 of The Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Administrative Infractions, the fine must be paid not later than 30 days from the date of issuance of the order. In case of late payment of the fine, enforcement measures are taken in accordance with the norms of the current administrative legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Article 811 paragraph 1 of The Code “On Administrative Infractionsprovides for the right to pay a fine of fifty per cent of the specified amount of the fine within seven days of the proper delivery of the order.

    A complaint or protest  against an order may be filed within ten days of of the expiry of the period provided for in Article 817 of the Code “On Administrative Infractions”.

    To appeal against an order to pay a fine, please contact the Administrative Police Department of the Astana Police Department at 16, Zhetegen St. Tel.: 8 (7172) 67 75 75

    To avoid fines, motorists are advised to pay their parking fees on time.


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