Payment using the parking meters (payment card)

You can pay for the Parking via the Parking meter with a payment card (Visa (including PayWave), Maestro and MasterCard (including PayPass)).

When paying for the Parking via the Parking meter, please note that the Parking meter screen is not touch-sensitive: all commands are executed using the keyboard.

It is not possible to extend or stop before the  time paid via parking meter.  The abovementioned functions are active only when payment is via "Парковки Астаны" mobile app or through personal account in

IMPORTANT: In case of difficulties in using the Parking meter, please immediately contact the contact center by phone 8-800-080-28-88.

The Parking meter accepts the prepayment only. Thr payment shall be made within the first 30 minutes of the Parking session.

The procedure of payment for parking via the Parking meter with a payment card:

    Step 1. Press the “√” button on the keyboard to wake up the parking meter.

    Step 2. Press the "Flags" button to select a language.

    Step 3. Enter the number of the area where the vehicle is parked (4 digits), then press the “√” button.

    Step 4. Enter the state number of the vehicle (For example: 111AAA01), then press the "√" button.

    Step 5. Press the "+" button to pay by payment card.

    Step 6. Specify the number of hours during which the vehicle stays on a parking space using the "+" or "-" buttons at the bottom of the keyboard, then press the "√" button.

    Step 7. Insert a payment card into the card reader (or attach a card to a contactless receiver).

    Step 8. After payment, take a payment card from the card reader.

    Step 9. Take the check, which shows the number of the Parking area, the paid amount, the beginning and end of the paid time.