Subscriptions for legal entities

Subscriptions for legal entities

Purchase of corporate subscriptions by bank transfer by legal entities.

Parking in all paid parking zones in the city of Astana, related to “Astana Parking Space” (“Parkovochnoye prostranstvo Astany”) LLP.

The cost of a subscription to all zones for one vehicle is:

  • subscription for 30 calendar days - 15,000 tenge.

Parking subscriptions  for all car owners simplify the payment process.

They are intended primarily for frequent users of paid Parking services.

To issue an invoice for payment, you must fill out the application form, attaching a scanned copy of the completed application and supporting documents.

Call center for working with corporate users: +7 7172 47 25 28, from 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays

Rules ofrendering of services in the provision of a Corporate subscription

Publicagreement (offer) on the provision of services for receiving payments