Press Releases

21.10.2020 Paid parking lots enriched the capital city budget for the amount of 500 million tenge

Due to the direct operation of paid parking lots, the total amount of the city budget replenishment estimated 21.7 million tenge (share in revenue and taxes). Currently specialized mobile photo and video recording complexes have recorded over 200 thousand violations, which have replenished the city budget in the amount of more than 500 million tenge.

The project is implemented according to the initiative of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Elbasy, and under the commission of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since January to September of this year, the number of violations, recorded and transferred to the Administrative Police Department of the Nur-Sultan Road Police for non-payment of parking lots, is amounted to 11 thousand. Last year in the same period, there were recorded 23.18 thousand violations. Money from payments and fines goes to the city budget to finance city programs for the development of road transport infrastructure.

 “Any developed city eventually has to make paid parking. Our capital is no exception. Our company is not the owner of land plots, they are part of the Nur-Sultan road network. There are no budget funds in our project,” says Chingiz Dosybayev, Director of «Парковочное пространство Астаны» LLP

The paid parking system was fully implemented with private investment of more than 1.2 billion tenge. Investments for the expansion of the project in 2020 amounted to more than 600 million tenge, which reduced the burden on the city budget.

This year in October, the project "Subscriptions for legal entities" was launched with the possibility to pay using bank transfers. Users of corporate subscriptions are provided with electronic invoices and electronic certificates of work performed. The subscription is assigned to the license plate of the car. The owner can park in all paid zones in the city without presenting documents as the system will automatically detect the availability of payment. The «Парковочное пространство Астаны» LLP offers free parking for disabled people and privileged categories of citizens, with proper documents registration.

At the moment, 487 parking spaces are in full operation on Nurzhol Boulevard, 5 thousand parking spaces are about to be launched in the Yesil, Saryarka, Almaty, and Baikonur districts. The term of their commissioning depends on the Akim's office of the city. Closer to the deadline for the introduction of payment, some work will be carried out to inform the population. When these parking zones are launched, the number of paid parking spaces in the city will increase by 10 times. All information about transition to paid mode will be published in the media, on the website and the company's official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Paid parking zones are patrolled by specialized mobile photo and video recording systems. Parking violations are reported to the administrative police. The penalty for unpaid parking is 3 MCI. Parking is absolutely free on weekends, public holidays, and after 20:00. You only need to pay for parking on working days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

13.10.2020 Launch of the project "Subscriptions for legal entities" with payment by Bank transfer

We announce the launch of the project "Subscriptions for legal entities" with payment by bank transfer. Users of corporate subscriptions are provided with electronic invoices and electronic work completion certificate. The subscription is assigned to the state number of the car. Its owner can Park without presenting documents — the system will automatically detect the availability of payment.
The cost of a subscription for 30 calendar days is 15,000 tenge. To issue an invoice for payment, you must fill out the application form on the website in the section "SUBSCRIPTIONS"/ "Subscriptions for legal entities", attaching a scanned copy of the completed application. Parking subscriptions for all car owners are designed to simplify the payment process. They are intended primarily for frequent users of paid Parking services.

23.06.2020 Who can get parking benefits and how?

Parking is free for the citizens entitled to benefits. To see the list of social benefit recipients please check paragraph 11 article 4 of the Resolution No. 108-1875 of the Mayor Office of Astana dated October 21, 2015.
A car owner who is entitled to benefits can obtain a free parking permit by submitting an ONLINE application at webpage. To get parking benefits, the applicant must be the owner of the vehicle according to the information in the vehicle registration certificate; the only exceptions are parents or lawful guardians of the disabled children.
The application form and the list of documents shall be sent to the email: The processing time for application is 10 business days. The decision will be sent to the email address of the applicant. You may find the list of social benefit recipients, as well as the online application form in the “Benefits” section at webpage.
NB! In case of a positive result, the benefit granted is displayed in the user's personal profile on

11. 05.2020 Parking meters in effect starting May 11, 2020

Since the state of emergency was introduced by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, parking charges were suspended for the period from March 20, 2020 to May 11, 2020. Please be kindly informed that the parking meters are disinfected regularly.  It is recommended to use gloves when paying parking charges with coins. Please be kindly informed that the parking meters are disinfected regularly.  It is recommended to use gloves when paying parking charges with coins.
The most convenient and safe way to conduct the payment is to use «Парковки Астаны» mobile application.
At the moment 487 parking spaces on Nurzhol Boulevard have been put into operation. Another 3 381 parking spaces in Yessil and Saryarka districts have been fully prepared for launch. Paid parking zones will appear in the area of Bogenbay-Batyr – Saryarka - Respublika avenues and Ishim River Embankment. Parking lots are fully equipped; road signs, information boards and parking meters installed. Parking zones in the area of Sarayshyk - Syganak - Turan - Mangilik Yel streets are ready for use in Yessil district. 
No parking tickets will be issued since the parking lots in the above areas are operating in a test mode for now. The test period is intended to get the drivers accustomed with the new infrastructure. Residents of the capital may check out the parking lots, try different payment methods, create a personal account on and download «Парковки Астаны» application.
Парковочное пространство Астаны LLP experts conduct checks of the equipment, software, online services and choose the routes for the express control units.
The Mayor Office decides when the payment system of the parking lots will be launched and when he violators shall be ticketed.  Information about the new test zones is available on the website, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as in the mobile app of the Astana Parking Space.

14.04.2020 On March 30 – April 30, 2020 parking charges are suspended

Since the epidemiological situation in Nur-Sultan remains difficult and the strict quarantine regime was introduced, starting from March 20, 2020 to April 30, 2020, the parking charges are suspended. Please, follow all parking regulations and keep the way clear for the emergency vehicles.
If you have any questions on parking regulations, please contact the Call Centre by telephone 8 800 080 2888. Our operators are ready to help from 8:00 a.m to 20:00 p.m on business days. We provide information in Kazakh and Russian languages. The helpline can be accessed free of charge.

24.01.2020 Residential parking in Nur-Sultan

In order to use parking zones on easy terms the residents of the capital shall sign up the Residence Agreement. According to the Agreement, vehicle owners may use the parking spaces located next to their home paying a fixed price.
The Residence Agreement may be concluded for 6 months or more.  The resident payment for six months is 9 000 tenge, the Agreement allows you to use a certain parking lot for round-the-clock car parking.
NB! Residents of Nur Sultan will be able to sign up the Residence Agreement remotely. The list of documents and instructions for registration will be published on webpage in the “Residents” section. Only two Residence Agreements may be registered for the residents of one apartment.

24.12.2019 New parking facilities in the capital

The Paid Parking Space Project is intended to increase traffic capacity on the capital's roads and relieve the load on streets and avenues. Starting this year, over nineteen thousand car owners have used the services of the new Parking system. More than thirty-one thousand parking tickets amounting hundred and sixty million tenge were issued.
By the end of 2019, over 4 000 parking spaces will have been launched in the capital city. During the testing period of the new zones, parking fees will not be charged so that car owners get used to the new system. It is planned to open up new parking spaces, equipped according to international standards, in Almaty, Yessil and Saryarka city districts. In Almaty district, the parking place will be in the area of Tauelsizdik-Munaitpassova-Zhubanova-Momyshuly streets. In Saryarka district, a new parking facility shall be in the area of Republic-Auezova streets. In Yessil district, a parking lot will be located in the area of Kunayeva-Dostyk-Sarayshyk-Mangilik streets, on Kabanbay Batyr and Turan avenues.  
During the year, users of the paid parking zones have made more than two hundred and thirty-seven thousand transactions.  «Парковки Астаны» mobile application is highly used to pay parking fees.