Season ticket

Subscription for paid Parking space

Users of paid Parking space of the city of Nur Sultan to pay for Parking can purchase tickets valid for 1 day and 1 month.

The cost of the subscription of paid Parking space for one vehicle, subject to payment of the subscription fee in a single payment is:

  • subscription for 1 day - 1200 tenge;
  • subscription for 1 month – 26 400 tenge.

Formation and maintenance of the register of Parking permits is carried out by LLP "Parking space of Astana" (hereinafter - the Partnership).

*Paid Parking subscribers - persons who own the vehicle on the right of ownership.

The procedure for purchasing a Parking pass

The subscription is recognized as valid from the date of entering the relevant information in the Register and terminates from the date of entering information about the cancellation of the Parking ticket in the Register.

The register is maintained in electronic form by means of entering into the register of register records or modification of the specified records.

The following information is included in the registry:

· the registration number of the permit, which is assigned in accordance with the serial number of entry in the register (in case of exclusion from the register, this registration number is not used in the future);

· surname, name, patronymic or name of the legal entity that owns the vehicle;

·  phone;

· information on the make and state registration mark of the vehicle for which the Parking pass is valid;

· date of entry of the Parking pass;

· date of entry of information about the change of the vehicle record of the Parking pass;

· date of cancellation of the Parking pass;

· validity of the permit.

The subscription can be purchased:

  • in the personal account of the Internet portal of the Parking space of Nur Sultan
  • in the mobile app