Payment for parking should be made within 30 minutes since the moment a car is placed on a parking lot.

Parking lot should be left not later than 10 minutes after the time paid expires.

Violation of the terms of paid parking use results in a penalty equal to 3 Monthly Calculation Indices (MCIs).

The owner of the vehicle may be penalized if he/she:

  • did not pay for parking.
  • paid less than needed.
  • exceeded the time paid by more than 10 minutes.
  • paid for parking later than 30 minutes after the placement of the vehicle on the parking lot.
  • -Parking of the vehicle outside the Parking spaces (setting the vehicle outside the markings).
  • -Stop or Parking and traffic on the territory of paid public car parks (Parking lots), causing an obstacle to the movement of vehicles (second row).

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